California View

Federico Teran, the man behind Fede Design Group, created this stunning interior with our Matawi Chandelier with Maji detail. Engaging this incredible California view, the air is infused with excitement and distinction, both inside and out.

Fun fact: Not only does Teran have a fantastic talent for design and art, he also has a shoe collection up to 120 pairs…

Teran worked with our San Francisco showroom for the lighting design, where you can find us at Hadleigh Home in the SFDC.

Looking for Inspiration?

Well, yes, wine does usually help…

“San Francisco designer Cathleen Gouveia conceived the library ‘not as a conventional reading space, but as a place for greeting guests and enjoying a glass of wine…My inspiration was the materiality of the winemaking process.'”

We daresay our Matawi Chandelier with Maji detail helps capture an essence of that winemaking process, in this Napa Valley Showhouse by Traditional Home Magazine.

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